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- From a small business, with the continuous efforts of all employees, the precious support from partners and customers; along with strategic plans from our Board of Directors, ANH KHOA Company SeaFood is constantly growing and asserting our brand in the international market. Up to now, despite the fluctuation of the market, ANH KHOA Company SeaFood has maintained the operation sustainability and effectively. Our desire is to bring Vietnam pangasius to the world. We are always proud to contribute to improve the living standard of fishermen, created jobs for workers in the Mekong Delta Region and brought quality and prestigious products to our valued consumers.

- Pangasius is a proud of Vietnam's Mekong Delta, where it provides the most suitable environment in terms of climate and water conditions to produce. Pangasius has become a popular food to consumers, and now it also supplies raw materials for the beauty and supplements industry. Following the standardization in production, ANH KHOA Company SeaFood brings the high quality pangasius based on customer order which are well-trimmed fillets, untrimmed fillets, semi-trimmed fillets, HGT, Steaks, whole gutted, butterfly, skin. We are committed to deliver the finest naturally-white, plump and firm, sustainable farming and manufacturing.

- Specializing in Tra & Basa Products such as Pangasius Fish Fille, Pangasius Whole Fish, Pangasius Steak Fish, Pangasius Skin, Anh Khoa Company is the top supplier of many importers all over the world. Anh Khoa Company gives the best message of quality, prestige and professional.

- With main functions in processing and exporting Pangasius. From then, Anh Khoa brand has been presented in many countries over the world and got significant successful in seafood field.